Pood ki Roti

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Pood Roti11


3 cups Whole wheat floor
Water for making soft dough.
Salt to taste (preferable a pinch).


1.Add salt to whole wheat flour.Pood Roti1
2. Add water little by little and prepare a soft dough.Pood Roti2
3. Heat tawa/griddle  (a utensil where the roti will be prepared).
4. Take two portions of dough, equivalent to golf sized ball. Pood Roti3
5. Flatten both into a small round shape.
6. Apply oil to both and sprinkle a little wheat flour.Pood Roti4
7. Cover one of the shapes with the other one and roll to form a round shape (use dry flour if required. Dont use too much, I used a cutter to make a perfect round shape 🙂 Pood Roti5 Pood Roti6
8. Carefully put the rolled roti on the tawa.Pood Roti7
9. Roast on a low flame and turn after a minute or so.Pood Roti8
10. Roast for 1 minute after turning on the other side.Pood Roti9
11. Cook till both the sides of roti are done properly. (You will see brown dots all over the roti)
–Note: This can be identified by the light brownish color on the roti. Make sure all the edges of the roti are done properly.
12. As you can see the roti can be split into two, this is called a pood ki roti.Pood Roti10

Make rotis from remaining dough the same way.Pood Roti11

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