Sabudana (Tapioca) Bada

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Sabudana Bada

Sabudana Bada

Serves 4:
2 cups soaked sabudana.
Oil for deep frying.
4-5 small size boiled potatoes.
1 cup groundnuts (roasted and coarsely grinded).
2 green chillies finely chopped.
1.5 tspoon cumin seeds (jeera)
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tbpoon finely chopped fresh coriander.
Special salt for fast – to taste

Butter milk tadkey wala:
200 ml fresh curd.
400 ml water.
Special salt for fast – to taste
1 green chilli finely chopped.
0.25 tspoon red chilli powder.

Green chutney:
1 tspoon fresh lime juice.
1.5 cups finely chopped green coriander.
5-6 green chillies finely chopped.
Special salt for fast – to taste
Optional: Mint leaves. (I have not used in this recipe).

1. Boil potatoes in pressure cooker and remove the skin.Boiled Potatoes
2. Add boiled potatoes, chopped green coriander, chopped green chillies, salt, red chilli powder,groundnuts, cumin seeds to the soaked sabudana and knead lightly to form a soft dough.
MasalasSoaked SabudanaSoaked sabudana mixed with masalasMixture
3. Divide the mixture into equal portions. Roll each portion into a round shape and flatten
slightly with the help of hands.Patties
4. Deep-fry the badas in hot oil until they are golden brown in colour.Deep fry badas Fried Badas
5. For raita, add 400 ml water and salt to 200 ml curd and whisk well to form butter milk.ButterMilk
6. Heat oil and add cumin seeds, chopped green chillies, red chilli powder.10RaitaMasala
7. Add this mixture to the butter milk and mix well.11Raita
8. For green chutney, grind chopped green coriander, chillies to a paste and add lime juice and salt.9Chutney
7. Serve badas hot with green chutney, curd and tadkey wala butter milk.???????????????????????????????Sabudana Bada served with curd/raita and green chutney

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