Veg Fried Rice (Indo – Chinese Version)

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Serves 3:
2.5 Tbspoon Green chili sauce.
2.5 tbspoon dark soya sauce.
3 cup boiled rice (preferably basmati rice).
2.5 Tspoon chopped garlic.
2 medium sized carrots finely chopped.
6-8 french beans chopped and blanched.
Spring onion chopped
1 cup green peas blanched.
0.5 tspoon white pepper powder.
2 Tbspoon oil for frying.
Salt to taste:

I have added fried paneer (Indian Cottage cheese) cubes to the recipe. This is optional and the fried rice may tastes better without panner.

I have added paneer to this recipe as I love panner (and also I was having a cube of paneer which, as per the instructions by the manufacturer, was about to expire in another two days, so I thought to add it to this recipe 🙂 ).

But, if you don’t like paneer, it would be better to avoid adding it to this recipe.

1. Heat oil in a Wok till smoking hot.???????????????????????????????2. Add garlic, vegetables and fry on high flame for 2-3 minutes.1FrenchBeansandGreenPeas2FrenchBeansandGreenPeasBoiled3SpringOnions??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3. Add both the sauces, boiled rice, spring onion, white pepper powder and fry for another 2-3 minutes. Do it carefully otherwise rice grains will break.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????4. Add salt to taste (be careful here as Soya sauce already has some salt in it).
5. Serve hot.PaneerFriedRice1

Tips on how to prepare boiled rice for all the fried rice recipes:
1. Soak the rice in water for 30 minutes.
2. Boiled in a closed vessel (1.5 times water of the rice).???????????????????????????????
3. Don’t mix or disturb the rice while cooking, by doing this the grains will break.
4. Check by taking some grains in a plate, if the grains are 90% done and can be separated, these are done.???????????????????????????????5. Carefully spread them so that they cool down properly and the excess water evaporates.???????????????????????????????6. Now they are ready to be used for any fried rice recipe.

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