Stir Fry Baby corns


Serves 4
200 grams baby corns.
3 tablespoon red chilly garlic sauce (adjust as per your taste 🙂 )
4 spring onions, chop white and cut green separately.
1 table spoon tomato sauce (Add more if you like sweeter)
1 table spoon dark soya sauce
1/2 table spoon chili vinegar
2 tea spoon corn flour mixed with 1/2 cup water.
Salt to taste

3 table spoon corn flour
2 table spoon Maida
2 table spoon semolina (rawa)
1 table spoon fennel (powdered)
1/2 tea spoon soya sauce
1 tea spoon ginger garlic paste (preferably fresh)
salt to taste
1/4 cup water

1.Wash and wipe the baby corns.
2.Carefully slit baby corn vertically into two pieces.IMG_1626
3.Make a thick coating batter by mixing all the ingredients mentioned in the batter section. Use minimum amount of water.IMG_1622IMG_1624
4. Dip baby corns in the batter and mix gently so that the batter gets coated properly on all the corn pieces.IMG_1631
5. Deep fry coated baby corns in medium hot oil till they become crisp and golden brown.IMG_1647
6. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan.
7. Add finely chopped spring onion bulbs and stir on high heat for 30 seconds.IMG_1638
8. Add chilly garlic sauce and stir on medium heat for 30 seconds.IMG_1641
9. Add 1/4 cup water and stir.
10. Reduce heat. Add salt to taste, soya sauce, tomato sauce and vinegar.IMG_1644
11. Add corn flour paste, stir for a minute till you get a thick consistency.
12. Increase the heat and add fried baby corns and mix gently so that the sauce gets coated all over.
13. Garnish with finely chopped green onion and serve hot.

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