Til Gur Patti : Crisp bars made of Sesame Seeds and Jaggery


2 Cups Til (Sesame Seeds)
2.5 Cups Gur (Jaggery), scrapped into small pieces.
2 Table spoon Ghee (Clarified Butter)

1. Heat a Kadhai or heavy bottomed pan and dry roast the sesame seeds on medium flame until they become light brown. Do not over roast the seeds, else they will taste bitter. img_e8734
2. Once roasted take the sesame seeds out on a plate, let them cool down. You can optionally coarsely ground them all, or coarsely ground half of them and use a mix of un-grounded and grounded seeds, I would prefer them to use un-grounded 🙂img_e8738
3. Grease the kitchen top or a wooden board.img_e8746
4. Heat 2 table spoon ghee in a Kadhai or heavy bottomed pan and melt the jaggery pieces into it. img_e8737img_e8739img_e8740
5. Once the jaggery pieces melts down cook while stirring them continuously, on medium heat.img_e8741
6. Once the Jaggery melts completely and the mixture becomes frothy, lower down the flame.img_e8742img_e8745
7. Put some droplets in a cold water and see if they become brittle, they should crack immediately.img_e8748
8. Keeping the flame low, add the sesame seeds to the ghee-jaggery mixture and mix well.img_e8749
9. Spread the mixture on the greased area. img_e8753
10. Make sure that the mixture is hot, cold mixture will set in few seconds and you will not be able to roll it.
11. Grease a roller with ghee and roll out the mixture.
12. Cut the rolled out patti with a knife in desired shape.
13. Let the patti cool down.
14. After the patti cools down pick up the pieces.
15. Delicious Til Patti is ready.img_e8769

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