Hello, thank you for taking the time to visit. This is a site dedicated to vegetarian food and recipes. It’s all about bringing together a collection of simple, delicious, easy and healthy vegetarian recipes for you to enjoy.

About Me:

I am Prashant Namdeo, QA Lead, living and working in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.profile

My native place is Bhopal, also known as city of lakes. Bhopal is the capital of one of the 29 states of IndiaMadhya Pradesh : also known as heart of India.

I began my culinary experience as a helper in my mother’s kitchen, and learned the art of cooking and the use of spices from her. At the age of 10, I prepared my first dish “Aloo Baigan Masala”, since then I have not stopped cooking. My friends says I made a mistake while selecting my career, I should have opted my carrier as a chef in Hotel Management.

All the recipes on my food blog are in detailed, step by step pictorial format so that it can help readers about the color of a dish on
various stages, consistency of the gravy, quantity of the ingredients etc.

I tried my best for these step shots so that the they can be easy to understand and can be co-related too.

Please provide your valuable feedback that will help me in making the blog more useful for the readers.

I learned the twist on the traditional recipes from my mother and also from my own experience.

All the recipes are tried and tested in my kitchen.

I am a pure vegetarian but I cooked non-veggie delights like Butter Chicken, Goan fish curry for my friends. Bread Omelette is the another dish that my friends likes a lot and insist me to prepare for them.

I am totally obsessed with food. I day dream about new recipes. I devour cookbooks. I love photographing food and hope that the pics on my blog will inspire you to jump into the kitchen to cook a delicious, healthy meal.

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