Moong Badi w/t Khasta Paratha

Moong Badi with Khasta Paratha
Serves 4:

200 gms Dried badis

I have used store bought ready made badis.

Badi is made using Lentils like moong, urad. The Lentil is soaked overnight and then grounded to a coarse paste. Heeng (asafoetida), salt, coriander powder and red chilli are added to this paste. After this small marbled sized amount of this paste is dropped on a plastic sheet and dried under the sun. The dried badis can be stored in an air tight container and used as and when required.

1 Large Onion Finely chopped
1 Tbspoon Ginger-Garlic paste
100 gms Tomato Puree
1 Tspoon Mustard Seeds
1 Tspoon Cumin Seeds
One pinch Asaefoetida
0.5 Tspoon Turmeric Powder
Salt to taste
1.5 Tspoon Red Chilli Powder
1 Tspoon Coriander Powder
1 TBspoon Oil for gravy
1 Tbspoon Oil to fry the badis
Water (as per the required consistency)
Coriander Leaves- To garnish

1. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the badis till they turn brown in color. Take out and keep separate.
–Note: If badis are under cooked they will be chewy if over cooked they will become crispy. So,
be careful while frying, once they start turning brown take them out.1 ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
2. Add 2 Tbspoon of oil to the oil left after frying badis and add mustard and cumin, asafietida . When they start spluttering add chopped onions.
–Tip: Add salt to taste with the Onion, this will help in reducing the water content of the Onion fast.??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? 6
3. Fry till the onions turns translucent.
4. Add Ginger-Garlic paste.???????????????????????????????
5. Fry till the raw aroma disappears.
6. Add all the spices and fry till the raw aroma disappears. ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
7. Add in tomato puree and fry till oil separates.??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
8. Pour in around 2-3 cups of water and mix everything.
9. Bring gravy to a boil.???????????????????????????????
10. Add Badis.???????????????????????????????
11. Cook covered on low flame till the badis turn soft.
12. Garnish with chopped coriander.

Method for Khasta (Crsip) Parathas:
3 Cups whole wheat flour (avoid maida (All purpose floor as it is very unhealthy)
Salt to taste
Water (Dough will be hard)

–Note: I am making parathas of sqare shape as they look good while taking photograph, but
parathas can be of any shape, round, triangular etc. Generally the stuffed parathas (Aloo paratha,
gobhi paratha are made round shape and plain parathas like the one I made are made triangular)/

1. Add salt to whole wheat flour.???????????????????????????????
2. Add water little by little and prepare a semi-hard dough.
–Optional: Oil can also be addded (1 Tbspoon) this will help in making parathas more crispy. ???????????????????????????????
3.Heat tawa (the utesnsil where the paratha’s will be prepared).
4. Take a portion of dough, equivalent to golf sized ball. ???????????????????????????????
5. Roll in a small square shape and apply oil.???????????????????????????????
6. Turn into half, roll a bit and apply oil to the second layer.???????????????????????????????
7. Make another layer.
8. Roll to form a square shape (use dry flour if required. Dont use too much).
9. Carefully put the rolled paratha on the tawa.???????????????????????????????
10. Turn after 2 minutes.
11. Apply oil.???????????????????????????????
12. Roast for 1 minute.
13. Turn again and apply oil.???????????????????????????????
14. Cook till both the sides of paratha are done properly.
–Note: This can be identified by the light brownish color on the
paratha. Make sure all the edges of the paratha are done properly.??????????????????????????????? Make parathas from remaining dough the same way.
15. Serve Badis garnished with Fresh green coriander along with Crisp hot parathas.


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